Our 15 Point Buyer’s Home Search System

—— Will Save You Thousands of $$ When Buying & Financing Your Next Home

  1. We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs and desires, then apply our knowledge of the local market to help you find it.
  2. We keep abreast of the properties currently on the market in the area, including regularly going on agent’s tours of new listings, so we can advise you on the best buys.
  3. We check the Real Estate Board database every day for new listings meeting your criteria.
  4. Because of our active profile in the industry, we often learn of new properties for sale before they are listed, so you are able to view the home first.
  5. We know the local area very well, including schools, high-traffic zones, shopping, and desirability, so we can inform you on how there amenities may influence the value of your intended home purchase.
  6. We am familiar with local zoning bylaws and OCPs (official community plans) and how they may affect the value of properties in the area.
  7. We use our experience to help you determine market-based value for homes you are interested in, including comparisons to recent sales, pricing trends, and other current listings; we can also help you make informed decisions with confidence.
  8. We can help you save thousands of $$ in the financing and purchase of your next home through our network of mortgage brokers who will help you get the best rate and terms for your mortgage.
  9. We maintain a circle of competent and knowledgeable experts for home inspections, home repairs, legal and financial advice, structural or geo-technical engineering reports, oil tank removal and certification, rubbish removal and more.
  10. We  offer support, service and advice through the entire home search and purchase cycle, including negotiations, writing fair and enforceable contracts, subjects and subject removal, and closing; We  can help you select closing and possession dates that will work best for you, ensuring your home buying is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We  will advise you on all purchase costs associated with your move to ensure there are no surprises, helping you plan all your costs in advance of when they will be needed.
  11. We  am available to you on our direct line  and return all calls promptly, because we  am proud of our reputation for exceptional service.
  12. We  can cut through the red tape when documents need to be processed, deliver copies to all parties, coordinate lender mortgage advance, communicate with lawyers, monitor the process and progress, and guarantee to deliver Quality Service, to minimize the stress and worry by keeping you informed every step of the way.
  13. We  will arrange with the selling Agent that move-in instructions, keys, mail-box keys, manuals, parking stall and locker numbers, etc. are all clearly marked for your convenience on arrival at your new home, so your move-in day is an enjoyable and exciting one.
  14. Our job as your agent is to represent your best interests using our strong and proven negotiating skills to get you the best price possible, and to ensure a smooth transfer and possession of your new home.
  15. We  only get paid on successful completion of a sale we  negotiate on your behalf.