What I do for Sellers

Experience the difference…

I meet with you so I can understand your special situation, your family’s needs and timing issues as they relate to your intended move.

I determine the unique features and benefits of your home and how those relate to market value based on what is happening in the Market today.

I provide you with an overview of the Real Estate Market Climate today and also the history of market trends over the last 24 months, so you can make informed pricing decisions with confidence.

I provide A Comparative Market Analysis with accurate, honest  statistics showing you what is FOR SALE (which establishes the competition, homes that are for sale now), what has SOLD (which establishes Market Value and what Buyers are paying) and what has EXPIRED (which tells us what buyers are not prepared to pay) for homes in your neighborhood at this time.

I review the various marketing and pricing strategies and their impact on the results you want. Together we decide on an approach that best meets your needs, concerns and timing.

I market your home using a systematic approach that gets you the RESULTS you want which I customize to ensure your needs, concerns and timing are met.

My goal is to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest time with the least amount of inconvenience to you!