About Our Team

Sarah Zhang became licensed Realtor with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver in 2008. She smoothly transited her study in Russian Art, creative marketing and customer service experience to the real estate profession after she made the decision to pursue a career in Real Estate as she recognized this as a great opportunity where she could offer the most value to her clients.
Sarah brings a wide selection of  most sought after & desirable real estate to the market and offers the most effective and successful marketing programs available in the industry today.

Award & Achievements:

  • 2008-2022 10 Years Medallion Club Member

  • 2008-2022 Sold Over 800 Properties

  •  2022 REBGV Gold Master Award

  •  2014 REBGV President Club Member

Owen Zheng, unlicensed assistant; computer science degree, and MBA, has a background in sales as a customer service representative and relationship management. Owen has diverse capabilities in network operation and maintenance, and business analysis and management. Owen possesses a strong work ethic, as well as exceptional communication and interaction skills.[Unlicensed]

Special Referral Partner

Jerry Wang has master degree in Electrical and Electric engineering and got his Realtor license in 2007. He has a key role in Sarah Zhang’s service network. Jerry prides himself on providing excellent client services. Jerry’s engineering background gives him strong market analysis capability and he often provides his clients an accurate review of trends in the real estate market. He is most proud of his role assisting hundreds of clients to make the right decision and achieving their real estate goals.

Jerry wang is now licensed with Sincere Real Estate Service (West Vancouver)